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Image by Majkl Velner

The Men in the Pink Triangle

Duration: 1 hour

Delivery: In person or online

"Excellent and informative presentation particularly the links made to repression today. Really motivated me to stand up and speak up about the repression and silencing taking place in Chechnya" (Attendee)

"Thank you for bringing to light these forgotten stories" (Attendee)

Course or talk biography

What is this about?

This public talk will bring to light the lost histories of gay men (the few that have been documented) who perished in the Nazi Holocaust of World War II. This talk explores life before, during and after the Holocaust. What happened to the men involved? Whilst discussing the 'pink genocides' of the past, this talk also highlights what is currently happening to the human rights of LGBTQI+ people in Chechnya as an eerie reflection of past atrocities coming back to life. This talk contains some upsetting stories.

Learning outcomes:

  • To examine the history of the Pink Triangle.

  • To explore the concept of 'pink genocide' as shown in the Nazi persecution of queer people.

  • To explore the forgotten stories of queer people under the Nazi regime. 

  • To evaluate how pink genocide still continues, using a case study of Chechnya. 

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