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About Drew Dalton

Personal Profile

Drew is an award-winning CEO and leader, teacher and lecturer, public speaker, community development worker, campaigner, and social researcher. He has over twenty years experience in a range of related roles, all bound together through tackling social inequalities and working to support some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people. He has significant experience in the fields of equality, diversity and inclusion, social research, campaign management, and project leadership at a local, national, and global level.

Currently, Drew has two key roles: 1) as the Founder, CEO/Chair of ReportOUT, a global LGBTQI+ human rights organisation, and; 2) as a Sociologist and Senior Lecturer in Sociology. Drew is also the Founder of Positive Allies, the world's first charter mark for organisations to show that they are HIV inclusive.

Drew's work, activism, and research, primarily focuses on the lived experiences of discrimination faced by LGBTQI+ people on a global level. He has written about the impacts of the Climate Emergency on global LGBTQI+ populations, the discrimination faced by LGBTQI+ Muslims in the U.K., as well as researching human rights abuses and development needs, faced by LGBTQI+ Ugandans. He has recently Co-Edited a book about gender, sexuality, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Drew is currently writing an upcoming book, with Bloomsbury Publishers, about global homophobia, due to be published in 2025/26.


Other upcoming chapters and articles in development will be exploring the invisibility of LGBTQI+ people in the SDGs and what this means for LGBTQI+ people and the Climate Emergency, and a further chapter exploring nation states and their weaponisation of COVID-19 toward LGBTQI+ populations during the pandemic. He has also previously written about HIV, with research exploring the impact of austerity measures on HIV Third Sector organisations, and the role of medicalisation, HIV and stigma. Drew is currently working on a global knowledge exchange project exploring global police relationships with LGBTQI+ people and their communities. 


Drew has contributed to a United Nations report for the UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Slavery, linking LGBTQI+ young people, homelessness, and human trafficking, as well as contributing to a UK White Paper for international development, arguing for LGBTQI+ inclusion. Drew has participated in a number of podcasts, news articles, television programmes, and radio shows.

In 2021, he was proud to be placed in 64th of the most 100 influential LGBTQI+ people in the U.K., on the Pride Power List and he has been shortlisted for, or won, a number of awards for his work and activism, and for the organisations he has led. 

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Selected awards and accolades

Ranked 64th of the most 100 influential LGBTQI+ people in the U.K. (Pride Power List, 2021)

Vice Chancellor Teaching Fellowship (winner) (University of Sunderland, 2020)

Outstanding Contribution to LGBTQ Life Award (winner) (North East LGBT Awards, 2019)

Individual Who Makes a Difference (winner) (North East Equality Awards, 2016)

Campaigner of the Year (shortlisted) (Rainbow Honours Awards, 2019)

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