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LGBTQI+ Travel and Safety

Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Delivery: In person or online

"Drew delivered a superb presentation to Lloyds’ colleagues from across the bank on LBGTQ+ travel.  He was a brilliant public speaker, warm, engaging and funny and he skilfully combined stats and facts with well-chosen anecdotes that brought a complex subject matter to life. He was particularly adept in demonstrating the nuances within the topic (e.g. hot and cold homophobia) and that we should look beyond some of the headlines we see. His engagement with the audience demonstrated interest, empathy and care, a fact reflected in comments received. We would welcome Drew back in a heartbeat and would like to thank him for supporting our goal to make Lloyds an inclusive place to work for all"  

(Operations Director and ‘Rainbow’ Network Steerco Member, Lloyds Banking Group)

Course or talk biography

What is this about?

This talk offers a brief outline of some of the complex issues faced by LGBTQI+ people when wanting to travel abroad for work, or for pleasure. It offers personal anecdotes about queer travel in different parts of the globe. It offers a series of practical tips for queer people to consider when travelling abroad for any reason.

"I have to say that the LGBTQI+ call yesterday was a real eye opener for me and great education piece! Not being part of the community directly but having some incredibly close friends and family that are, it really did open my eyes to things that I wouldn't have a second thought about! Huge thanks for organising as it was incredibly insightful and powerful, and I hope that more colleagues will join such calls in the future to increase their understanding and awareness and make this a better place to work for every single colleague!" (Corporate Sales Manager, Lloyds Banking Group)

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