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HIV and AIDS Awareness

Duration: 3 Hours

Delivery: In person or online

"The delivery was excellent, good pace, good level of content and flowed nicely. Drew, the passion you have for the subject is evident and has made me want to explore and do more to support! Brilliant job" (Attendee)

"Honestly it was absolutely BRILLIANT. Drew was really charismatic and engaging and obviously feels deeply passionate about changing the stigma. The course was absolutely brilliant. Thank you!" (Attendee)

Course or talk biography

What is this about?

This is primarily a 'myth-busting' course about HIV and AIDS. It is ideal for people who are new, or know little, about HIV and AIDS.  It is predominantly focused on the United Kingdom, and it aims to give an insight into how HIV has developed over time, including the lived realities that people living with HIV, go through. This is an interactive course and contains quizzes, group activities, discussion points, and ethical scenarios. 

Learning outcomes:

  • To define what we mean by both ‘HIV’ and ‘AIDS.’

  • To explain how the virus works, is transmitted and is controlled through medical advances.

  • To analyse the historical progress of HIV and AIDS and how it has developed.

  • To examine the stigma which is attached to HIV and AIDS.

  • To evaluate how living with HIV effects pregnancy and childbirth, employment law, and criminality. 

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