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Book: Broken Rainbow?
Global LGBTQI+ Lives, Rights, and Challenges

  • What challenges do sexual and gender minorities (LGBTQI+)  face across the globe and what does homo/bi/transphobia look like in today’s world?

  • What are the factors that stand in the way of freedom for sexual and gender minorities?

  • Could you be interviewed for this book and shine a light on what is happening in your nation state, region, or institution?

This book, written for Bloomsbury Publishing, will take a global snapshot of the human rights of sexual and gender minorities in every region of the world, including how human rights impact, and are felt, by people and their communities.

Please note that this research is open to all LGBTQ+ people, including allies and ally organisations. People who are intersex who also identify as part of the LGBTQ+ spectrum are welcome to also share their insights. I refer to the terminology 'sexual and gender minorities' as an umbrella term to cover any of the above. 


Want to get involved? Read more below!

What does this project aim to do?

The aim of this book is to examine the changing landscape of human rights for sexual and gender minorities at a nation state, regional and/or a global level, and to examine the current progress and challenges faced ahead.


The objectives of this study are:

  • To illustrate the changes and challenges faced by sexual and gender minorities within different regions of the globe.

  • To evaluate the geo-political, social, cultural, economic, legal, and political shifts in the global human rights for sexual and gender minorities in different regions of the globe, and how they have come about.

  • To examine the human rights challenges faced by sexual and gender minorities, and their resistance to these challenges.

  • To build up a global 'snapshot' of how the human rights of sexual and gender minorities have changed, and continue to change, including any challenges faced.

I am exploring the lives of sexual and gender minorities through in-depth interviews with individuals, activists, businesses, Pride organisations, UN agencies, and INGOs/NGOs - this book will aim to get to the heart of what is happening to sexual and gender minorities worldwide.

I plan to map the current snapshot of the ever-changing landscape of the human rights issues and homo/bi/transphobia/interphobia faced by sexual and gender minorities, and their communities, in different regions of the map, such as Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Asia and the Pacific, North America, Latin America, and Sub-Saharan Africa, examining each of these global regions through a targeted and in-depth country analyses.

I also plan to examine the overlooked impact of homo/bi/transphobia/interphobia on the ‘pink diaspora’ of global refugees, the ignored effects of climate change on queer people, and the impact of global bodies on queer rights, such as the United Nations and INGOs. I am also conducting some global visits to LGBTQI+ organisations as part of this book.

Your personal safety and security if you agree to be interviewed for this book:
This project has been approved by the Ethical Review Committee at the University of Sunderland. All your details will be confidential, anonymous and any identifying features or locations will be altered. Strict security procedures for maintaining the data will ensure that your transcripts and details will be kept behind a secure, password-protected data cloud.

Participation is entirely voluntary. If you change your mind about taking part in the study, you can withdraw at any point during the session without giving a reason and without penalty. After you have completed the study, you can also withdraw your consent for your data to be included by contacting me via email within one month of participation and providing me with your participant code

Want to get involved and book an interview?

Please download and read the information sheet and also complete the consent form below. You can book an interview with me by following this link.


If you have any further questions about this project, you are welcome to contact me.

Could you be interviewed about any of the following to provide an insight on global LGBTQI+ rights?

This list below is not exclusive or exhaustive, and if you have particular insights into LGBTQI+ rights in your nation state, or your institution is not mentioned below, then I would still like to hear from you.

  • Transgender rights in the United Kingdom

  • LGBTQI+ rights in Russia

  • LGBTQI+ rights in Hungary

  • LGBTQI+ rights in Poland

  • LGBTQI+ rights in the USA and Canada

  • LGBTQI+ rights in Israel and Palestine

  • LGBTQI+ rights in the broad region of the Middle East

  • LGBTQI+ rights in South Africa

  • Intersex lives and rights in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • LGBTQI+ rights in Nigeria

  • LGBTQI+ rights in China

  • LGBTQI+ rights in South Korea

  • LGBTQI+ rights in Brazil

  • LGBTQI+ rights in Afghanistan

  • LGBTQI+ rights in India

  • LGBTQI+ rights in Pakistan

  • LGBTQI+ rights in Australia

  • LGBTQI+ refugees and people seeking asylum globally

  • United Nations Departments, diplomats, and any other government (or non-government) officials who deal with LGBTQI+ rights

  • Global Pride organisations

  • LGBTQI+ tourism organisations

  • Private businesses, and individuals in business, who have helped to advance LGBTQI+ equality

  • Economists, or others, using economic arguments for LGBTQI+ equality

  • International development consultants or practitioners working with LGBTQI+ people and communities

Publications and resources linked to this project:

Information Sheet and Consent Form

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