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Image by Michał Turkiewicz

Bisexual Visibility

Duration: 1 hour

Delivery: In person or online

"Fascinating. To hear a lived experience is always good. I now understand so much more about bisexuality and bi-erasure. Something I had never thought about before, but delivered in an engaging way!" (Attendee)

Course or talk biography

What is this about?

This talk will discuss the often overlooked ‘B’ (Bisexual) in the LGBTQI+ spectrum. It will discuss what we mean by bisexuality and why bisexuality itself has often become either stigmatised or hyper-sexualised, including highlighting the scant literature on the lives of bisexual people. It has been shown in previous research that bisexual people often face multiple oppressions and discrimination, yet there are very few services which are directed toward them. How can we begin to shift the narrative and to stop the ‘bi-erasure’ of bisexual people both within the LGBTQI+ community and outside of it? What can you do to support bisexual people in your organisation or place of work or education? This workshop will be interactive and will have opportunities for discussions and questions and answers.

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